CREW started off a radio campaign on 87.9 Radio One-South Sudan. The campaign on Gender Based Violence (GBV) Prevention and Response was from 9th November to 15th December 2917. Media plays an outstanding role in creating and shaping public opinion and strengthening of society. Today, media is strongly used to create/raise awareness on social issues. With the current nationwide electricity challenges and limited access to other media outlets, majority of South Sudanese use radio as one of their main sources of information. Designing programs in both English and South Sudanese local Arabic has been one of the most effective ways of engaging the public on issues of social and national concern.

“Men are the main perpetrators of GBV and they must take lead in ending it”

Radio One Produced jingles in English and Arabic, the jingles were played throughout the day for a month, and especially on each week-day of the scheduled Radio Talk-Show. This informed listeners ahead of time and increased the engagement and participation of the audience. The hosts of these four (4) one-hour (5pm-6pm) talk-shows were; GBV Prevention Club Leaders, GBV focal persons and PTA members from selected four secondary schools namely; Juba Diocesan, Promised Land, Don Bosco and Juba Commercial Secondary School. These hosts were accompanied by one CREW staff during each talk-show. Recordings of the talk-shows have also been availed in audio form, thanks to Radio One-South Sudan.

Don Bosco Secondary School GBV Prevention Club Leaders and their focal person(teacher) in the Studio with Riya William

The campaign focused mainly on school related Gender Based Violence Prevention and Response in schools and communities. This campaign gave six students, three teachers and one PTA Chairperson an opportunity to directly engage with the community during the weekly talk-shows. The hosts were able to share their understanding of GBV, what forms/kinds of GBV acts exist in their schools/communities, what they are doing in their respective positions in schools and communities to address the mentioned forms/kinds of GBV acts, and lastly give their piece of advice to the listeners of Radio One on how to best prevent GBV.

During one of the talk-shows, Mr. Morris Togo the chairperson of the PTA from Juba Commercial secondary school pointed out that “Men are the main perpetrators of GBV and they must take lead in ending it”.  He further emphasized the need to establish a strong legal system in place to rightfully address GBV cases at all levels and hold perpetrators accountable.

     Madam Charity, GBV mentor from Juba Diocesan Secondary School sharing her mentorship experience and its impact

Mr. Togo, PTA chairperson of Juba Commercial Secondary School during the last talk-show

The calls from the listeners during the talk-shows, some asking questions on the topic, others appreciating the guests and the programme made the talk-shows very interactive and engaging. GBV prevention is everyone’s responsibility, there is need to continuously create awareness and engage communities on these kinds of conversations. We can only address it if people are aware and informed enough to accept the fact that GBV is a serious issue that is limiting South Sudan’s prosperity at all levels






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