Abul Oyay

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Abul Oyay, born in 1987, Abul Oyay is a South Sudanese Artist and founding member of #Anataban, a collective of creative artists who use their art as a platform for youth to demand peace and justice in South Sudan. Born in Gambella; Ethiopia, raised in South Sudan and Uganda, She pursued university in both England and Kenya

Abul credits her artistic influence to early years spent with her paternal grandmother who practiced traditional arts and crafts. She has always had an
interest in the arts but began painting in 2012 while studying in the UK. She has been raised and surrounded by strong women and is passionate about sharing their stories through her art. It is therefore no surprise that her art is largely inspired by them as revealed in all her works. Her style is semi-realistic with a liking to experiment with non-traditional art materials that she mixes into her paintings. Recently, Abul has chosen to add a deeper meaning to her works by connecting with communities she portrays in her art and exploring different techniques.

It is with this skillfulness in art and desire to rely on it to contribute to peace and justice in her country that she through #Anataban has led a group of visual artists and pioneered street art in Juba since 2016. This audacious initiative has brought to completion of over a dozen powerful pieces on walls and containers across South Sudan’s capital; Juba.

A practicing peace activist through art, Abul is currently finalizing her degree in peace and conflict studies at USIU in Nairobi; Kenya. She has held exhibitions in the UK, South Sudan, Uganda and Kenya.