Prof. Julia Aker Duany

Prof. Julia has amassed a lifetime of achievement, from teaching, researching, activism on justice and social change in Sudan and now South Sudan.

Dr. Priscilla Joseph Kuch

Dr. Priscilla Joseph Kuch, born in 1964, is a South Sudanese politician, peace activist and Associate professor of community medicine at the University of Juba’s College

Abul Oyay

Abul Oyay is a South Sudanese Artist and founding member of #Anataban, a collective of creative artists who use their art as a platform for youth...

Paleki Matthew Ayang

Paleki Matthew Ayang is a talented young lawyer and activist passionate about women’s rights. Currently, Mrs. Ayang is the Executive Director of South Sudan Women’s Empowerment Network…

Merekaje Lorna Nanjia

Meet Merekaje Lorna Nanjia; a mother, a sister, a friend and an activist. She is a graduate of the University of Nairobi. Trained as Biomedical Technologist, Merekaje has developed a…